12 Shows We’ll Be Talking About in February

February is typically the dreariest month on the American sporting calendar, with football wrapping up, baseball still dormant and basketball and hockey grinding through their regular seasons. So this is a great month for the Winter Olympics to arrive, filling our TV screens with hours and hours of skating, skiing and, yes, even curling.



The downside for television viewers who don’t care about sports is that many of the networks and basic cable channels will effectively take this month off, rather than try to compete with the NBC Olympics juggernaut. (One major exception? NBC itself, which will be using the games as a launching pad for new series.)

Streaming services and premium channels seem determined to fill in the gaps. From new series by the creators of “Six Feet Under” and “The Killing” to hard-hitting looks at opioid-dealing and the rise of Al Qaeda, here’s what else we’ll be talking about this month:

lenn Howerton took a leave of absence from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” to star in this dark, strange sitcom, playing an accomplished academic who’s forced to take a job as a high school teacher. Created in part by the quirky “Saturday Night Live” writer-filmmaker Mike O’Brien, “A.P. Bio” also stars Patton Oswalt, as the school’s principal, who stands in the way of the new teacher’s plan to turn the most gifted students into his minions in a mission of revenge.

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