From a $300 breast massager to a pregnancy band that tracks your developing baby’s heartbeat in the womb: The future of parenting revealed at CES

Every year, the CES gadget show brings more devices promising to make life a little bit easier for harried parents.

Sure, the kids might love them too: who wouldn’t want a computerized Harry Potter wand that also teaches coding?

The Las Vegas show’s growing ‘family tech’ sector encompasses products that range from artificially intelligent toys and baby monitors to internet-connected breast pumps.

Among the standouts of this year’s show was was a device designed to make breast pumping a smoother experience, complete with built-in breast massagers that can slash the total pumping time.

Imalac’s breast-massaging device ‘Nurture’ uses attachable cups to mimic hands-on pumping, according to the company’s Kickstarter.

‘Nurture will drastically improve the efficiency and ease of milk expression when used in conjunction with an electric breast pump,’ the firm says.

According to Imalac, the device can help to cut pumping time by more than 70 percent, and increase the amount of milk expressed by 30 percent.

Their common thread is an appeal to parental anxiety about raising smart kids, occupying their time, tracking their whereabouts and making sure they’re healthy and safe.

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