6 healthy diet and exercise habits that don’t help you lose weight

You exercise hard in the gym, never take a day off those weights, abhor cheat days. Sweating it out with those weights and running hard on the treadmill has been your motto in life for the last few months. Still, you are nowhere near the weight loss goals you set for yourself on January 1 this year.

Perhaps it is time you stepped back, and ask yourself if you are going horribly wrong somewhere. Your habits? Not the unhealthy ones, but the ones no one could ever have any issues with. Because sometimes, too much of a good thing is bad.

There are times when daily food and exercise habits you practice can backfire without you knowing it. Here’s a list of healthy things you follow every day without realising they could be hurting your weight loss goals.

Dramatically reducing your food portions

“During your weight loss regime, it is likely that you change the way you eat and opt for healthier food choices as a result. It is good if you know how to master the art of portion control so that you need not necessarily starve yourself and still eliminate unnecessary and excess calories from your diet,” says Dr Manoj Kutteri, Wellness Director at Atmantan Wellness Centre.

It is important to know that only sticking to proper portions will help you in losing weight. If you don’t eat at all, or cut down drastically, your hunger hormone – lenomorelin or ghrelin — will spike, leaving you hungrier as this hormone eventually increases your appetite and body-weight. It is therefore recommended not to starve yourself. Instead, eat a healthy, good portion during every meal.

Taking sugar substitutes in place of dessert

Sugar substitutes like artificial sweeteners may seem a healthy choice at the moment as they promise low-calorie feed to your body.

However, Kutteri says that many clinical studies now talk about these non-nutritive substances leading to weight gain. It is because they create cardio metabolic effects on your body. In other words, its consumption can lead to metabolic dysfunction, which can lead to adverse health condition such as diabetes and obesity. It is still better to moderate your sugar intake in a day.

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