A man pretends to be disable to get the benefit from government

Dennis Paulsen, , who served two years in the Navy

Dennis Paulsen, who served two years in the Navy, pretends from 1993 on that he was unable to use his hands or feet and convinced the Department of Veterans affairs (VA) for the same. Paulsen, said he wasn’t able to walk or work.

But his fraud came to light from blog of Paulsen’s wife. Paulsen’s wife blogged about his various activities and included photos of him playing baseball, roller skating and bungee jumping. All the while, Paulsen had been claiming he was totally disabled. But by the time he caught, he had defrauded more than $1.6 million from government.

Assistant U.S. attorney Jay Richardson told, “He said he was not only too sick to work but too sick to get out of bed most days.”

“But he lived a very lifestyle. He lived a life that changed depending on who he was around. So when he was around doctors and people that would provide him benefits, he gave the impression that he was wheelchair bound.”

Paulsen was convicted of stealing more than $1.6 million from the VA and the Social Security Administration this January. He was ordered to pay back the $1.6 million in addition to a fine, and was sentenced to 41 months behind bars.

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