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A mother disguised herself as Dad

 A mother disguised herself as Dad.

A single mother as a Backbone made of steel, you will definitely agrees with it when you read this story. A story of a single mother, who disguised herself as dad to attend her son’s special parenting event.

Yvette Vasquez was dropping her son Elijah off at Sue Crouch Intermediate School in Fort Worth, Texas when she noticed that there were more cars in the parking lot than usual. On asking her son, she get to know that there is a special parenting event “Donuts with Dad”

Vasquez decided, when she notice her son disappointed, to drive back to their home so she could be his father for the day. Her son helped Vasquez pick out the perfect getup: Elijah’s fake mustache, a plaid shirt, hat and a spritz of cologne to top off the look.

The women’s courage not only admired by the fathers available at the event, but catch the attention of the parents at Facebook as the post was liked over 15000 times, with more 5,500 shares since Thursday.

Vasquez told in an interview that she was nervous at first. But startled at the positive reaction she has received since posting the pictures to the Facebook.

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