A Suggestion Regarding PGR Updates

The Philosophical Gourmet Report (PGR), a ranking of many philosophy PhD programs based on an opinion survey about the quality of their faculty, is currently collecting details on the lists of faculty to be evaluated.


The PGR’s current editors are Berit Brogaard (University of Miami) and Christopher Pynes(Western Illinois University). The edition of the PGR they are preparing will be the first without its creator, Brian Leiter (University of Chicago), in an editorial position. While Leiter retains a position on the PGR’s advisory board, he announced in October, 2014, that he would be stepping down from running the report, following some controversies that prompted a number of philosophers to announce that they would be “declining to volunteer [their] services to the PGR while it is under the control of Brian Leiter.”

Since Leiter is no longer in charge of the PGR, and since the continued cooperation of many philosophers in providing information and opinions integral to the report’s success was conditioned on him no longer being in charge of it, there is a question as to why Leiter’s blog, Leiter Reports, is still the venue for PGR updates and requests.

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