Adidas awards 3D – Printed Shoes to Olympians Who Win Medals

Adidas awards 3D- Printed Shoes to Olympians Who Win Medals

At the moment the future of 3D-Printed Shoes is yet to be considered as more than just a gimmick. However, despite the technology primarily being used to develop outsole prototypes by sportswear brands, you have to give them some credit for trying.

Last year Adidas printed the FutureCraft 3D concept shoe as a way of showing the potential in using the technology. This year, Adidas has taken the idea a step further by creating a ready-to-wear pair of sports shoes for its sponsored athletes participating in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Nonetheless, the shoe will only be accorded to athletes who win a medal at the Olympics and thus the shoe has been termed as the ‘3D printed Winners Shoe’. The shoe has a black upper Primeknit as well as a midsole that is 3D-printed.

According to Adidas, the heel counter was integrated with the midsole to eliminate some of the gluing and stitching processes. A spokesman also confirmed that the shoe has been approved for running, and thus you don’t have to worry about it breaking apart as you use it.

The consumer model of the shoe is yet to be announced, but there are hopes there is one in the near future.

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