‘Aliens are knocking!’ Noisy humans WILL PREVENT us from finding the TRUTH of ALIEN life

Experts disagree on how aliens might try to contact humans.There is a large assumption that if there is alien life out there in the universe, and they are trying to talk to us, they might use the same type of technology that we use here on Earth to communicate.

This could be through a variety of ways including radio signals and flashes of light.

Because humans are creating more technology produced noise than ever, we are undermining our ability to detect potential alien transmission.

Scientists have revealed that aliens could be just as smart and technologically advanced as humans after hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on searching for them.

SETI – Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence – scientists say that we are actually making that much noise, that if aliens tried to phone us, we might never get the message.

The US has long been fascinated by the possibility of alien visitors.A Poll in 2001 discovered that that 33 per cent of Americans believed aliens have visited the Earth.

Dan Werthimer, an astronomer at University of California, Berkeley said: “We always get the UFO question,” and during public speeches about the topic, people often say “why bother, because E.T.’s already landed here and kept secret in some military installation.”This comes after an asteroid could have brought life to Earth from another solar system in October after it was captured by a telescope according to scientists from Harvard University.

A Harvard astronomer called Abraham Loeb believes that the object, named Oumuamua, was actually a spacecraft sending signals back to its creators.

Despite their efforts to scan the surface of the asteroid proved unsuccessful, the new study suggests that it could be an alien spacecraft.

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