The amazing tropical holiday that’s just like being in Jurassic Park, with waterfall helicopter rides, treks through jungle gorges and volcanic landscapes

If, thanks to Netflix, you’re enjoying 1993’s Jurassic Park all over again and now feel the urge to experience the real thing – you could do a lot worse than a trip to the island of La Reunion.

The Indian Ocean island has got everything you need for a Jurassic Park-style holiday (minus the dinosaurs, obviously) – volcanic landscapes, jungle gorges, lava caves and, with one experience that’s just hit the market, even a waterfall helicopter ride reminiscent of the ‘arrival’ scene from the cult film.

The trip, called ‘Like Nowhere Else on Earth, is being offered by adventure holiday firm Off the Map Travel.

The company describes the French island as being the crossroads of African, Indian, European and Chinese cultures and very similar to Hawaii – where Jurassic Park was shot.

The trip starts with guests enjoying a helicopter flight over the cavernous, waterfall-strewn ravines, moon-like volcanoes and the lush forest.

The helicopter then lands at Hiker’s Edge, a lodge retreat deep in the mountains.

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