Amazon’s New Dash Button Is Programmed For Tasks

The previous versions of the Amazon Dash buttons were programmed to help in reordering products such as dish soap, flushable wipes or whey protein powder when they run out.  It is more profitable because the online retailer reimburses the device after the first purchase. The company’s latest Dash button has been programmed to controlling IoT devices and assist with tasks.

Just like the regular Dash tools, the AWS IoT button connects to Wi-Fi and leverages Amazon’s AWS cloud. The amazon button can be easily programmed to call/message someone , stop/start a task, count items(count baby poops), order from a service , switch on a Philips Hue bulb, control fire up Netflix, hail an Uber and more. Since it works with APIs from Facebook, Slack, Twitter, and more, you can set it to send messages for instance: “I’m on my way.”

According to Amazon, the button is made easy for novices to figure out how it works and to assist them in assigning a task. However, they have built-in flexibility to accommodate advance projects or assignments. Werner Vogels, The Company’s CTO, said on twitter that if you can assign chores to Amazon Alexa, then you can do that with any one of these buttons. There is no indication as to when the device will be in stock as they are currently listed as out of stock.  Using the SlashGear reports, when you place an order using the IoT Dash option it shows that it costs $20.

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