Apple iOS 11.3 causing third-party repaired iPhone 8 screens to stop working: Report

Apple iOS 11.3 update, which was released late March, is causing iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus with third-party repaired screens to stop responding. This means iPhone 8 users who got their phone’s screen repaired from any other place than Apple Authorised centers will most likely face the issue of touchscreen unresponsiveness with iOS 11.3. According to a report in Motherboard, the touch functionality on iPhone 8 smartphones with third-party screens worked fine before the update.

“For the past six months, shops have been able to replace busted iPhone 8 screens with no problem, but something in the update killed touch functionality,” the report reads. It quotes owner of an Ohio-based pre-owned iPhone store and repair shop who told the site that getting the touch functionality enabled on iPhone 8 would need third-party stores to re-open the phone and upgrade the chip that powers iPhone screen. Or Apple could release a fix via software update like it did with iPhone 7.

Last year, Apple released software update that disabled touchscreen from working on iPhone 7, 7 Plus with third-party repaired displays. The update was followed by another one that fixed the issue. It remains to be seen when the company decides to make available a follow-up update for iPhone 8 as well.

Apple iOS 11.3 brings with it a host of features including new Animoji and Augmented Reality (AR) features as well as the ability to see battery health of iPhone. Do note that Animoji feature is limited to iPhone X users, but these can be shared with any other user, even if they do not have an iPhone X. Coming to new AR features, iOS 11.3 allows users to map irregular surfaces like circular tables, etc more accurately and recognise the position of 2D images such as signs, posters and artwork.

One of the most anticipated features that Apple iOS 11.3 includes is Battery Health. iPhone user can see battery health of their device and the feature also alerts a user if this needs to be changed. The feature may prove to be helpful for a lot of people as old, aging or damaged batteries on iPhone can cause unexpected shutdowns.

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