Are You Ready for Döstädning

As I write this article, do you know what book is a bestseller on Amazon with the following ranks and descriptions?

#135 for all books

#1 in Books under the category Self-Help, Relationships, Love & Loss

#2 in Books under the category Self-Help, Death & Grief

#2 in Books under the category Home Improvement & Design; How to & Home Improvements; Cleaning, Caretaking & Relocating

Residential garage full of junk and storage.

You may be puzzled why a book listed under Home Improvement & Design would also be described within themes of love, loss, death, and grief.  I certainly would have been if I hadn’t read an article in Time magazine by Margareta Magnusson with the intriguing title “How to start ‘death cleaning.’”  The article is based on her recently released and bestselling book The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning.  I also discovered after “googling” the words “death cleaning” that her book has triggered a spate of articles in major magazines and newspapers in addition to the one that appeared in Time.  

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