Astonishing moment a street cleaner escapes unscathed after a rubbish truck reverses over her in India

This is the astonishing moment a street cleaner miraculously escapes uninjured after a rubbish truck reverses over her as she prays.

Ramila Solanki, 55, was on her way to work when she stopped for a few seconds to pray outside a temple in Gujarat, India yesterday morning.

A truck had been collecting garbage nearby and was reversing back down the street to pick up more bags as she stopped.

In the CCTV clip, the driver fails to notice Ms Solanki as she stands will her hands clasped in prayer near to the Sai Baba temple.

She collapses to the ground when the truck backs into her and proceeds to reverse over the street cleaner.

The vehicle comes within inches of Ms Solanki’s body as she lays between the tyres.

But a few seconds later, she emerges from underneath the vehicle and stumbles to her feet uninjured.

The motorist then rushes to her aid as he finally realises a woman had been caught beneath his truck.

Miraculously, the street cleaner simply dusts herself down and walks away to sit on the steps of the temple.

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