Australia’s worst example of revenue-raising or saving lives? How ONE new red light speed camera is set to net $19,000 worth of fines in just AN HOUR

A new red light speed camera placed in a notorious Queensland hot spot is predicted to become the state’s highest earner, stinging commuters with thousands of dollars in fines.

Gold Coast motorists could be fined up to $19,000 in total an hour after the camera was installed on the corner of Bermuda and Rudd Streets in Broadbeach Waters.

The average speeding fine in Queensland is $194 but running a red light can cost the perpetrator as much as $378, The Gold Coast Bulletin has reported.

This means even at the lowest fines, motorists could be handing over about $19,000 an hour based on a prediction done by the newspaper.

Assistant Commissioner Mike Keating said the busy intersection had been chosen because it was notorious for traffic accidents and speeding tickets in the area.

He is confident the new camera will reduce the level of speeding and accidents at the intersection.

‘We want all road users to be compliant with traffic light signals and also travel at the speed limit through intersections,’ Mr Keating said.

‘These cameras will assist in reducing travel speeds at high-risk intersections by operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week.’

If the camera makes the predicted $19,000 for every hour it is in operation it will become the most profitable in the state.

A single mobile speed camera located on Hale Street in the inner city Brisbane suburb of Petrie was the highest earner year netting the government $3million in fines.

The camera handed out more than 18,000 tickets and made $16,760 for every hour it was in operation.

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