Billy Bush in talks to return to Extra… as the syndicated show prepares to leave NBC for Fox later this year

Two years after being ousted for his role in the controversial ‘grab ’em by the p***y’ tape, Billy Bush is gearing up to return to Extra.

Bush, 47, has been engaged in discussions with ‘multiple executives’ at Extra for a possible return, while the syndicated show prepares to move from NBC to Fox this year.

Bush was reportedly spotting leaving a meeting with Extra executives in December, according to The Blast.

Bush is reportedly one of several candidates to be considered as an on-air host on the new version of Extra.

Discussions have continued with Bush and Extra execs after the December meeting, with most people at Extra supposedly believing Bush deserves a second chance.

Bush was fired from his job on The Today Show in 2016 after the tapes from a 2005 episode of Access Hollywood with Donald Trump surfaced.

Over the past two years, Bush has worked to better himself in many ways.

He was working with (and firewalking with) Tony Robbins, while working on yoga and meditation.

Even if Bush doesn’t return to Extra, it’s possible he may catch on somewhere else.

Bush reportedly has met with executives at other entertainment programs, so where he ultimately ends up is still up in the air.

Bush had previously worked with Extra when he was younger as well, following his stint on on the radio program Billy Bush and the Bush League Morning Show.

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