Bizarre Instagram bug showed private users’ Stories to STRANGERS who don’t follow them

Some Instagram users may want to be extra careful about what they share on their Stories.

Earlier this week, a number of users began noticing strangers’ Stories showing up at the top of their feed, according to TechCrunch.

Those affected by the bug said they didn’t follow these users and many of the accounts were private.

‘Hey @Instagram/@facebook, people who I don’t follow (with private accounts) are showing up in my Stories,’ wrote Twitter user @internetryan on Tuesday.

He added that a ‘quick search on Twitter’ showed that many other users had reported the same problem.

As TechCrunch pointed out, luckily, if users tried to watch the strangers’ Stories post, it would prevent them from seeing it.

With 500 million people that use Instagram Stories each day, the bug raises privacy concerns that what users post in confidence for friends and family has the potential to be shared with strangers without their consent.

Instagram confirmed the bug and said it was resolved within a few hours.

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