Boom Unveils Supersonic “Baby Boom”, which put in the skies by early 2020s


Bringing back the supersonic era!!!!

A  Denver based startup has unveiled supersonic Demonstrator, named as XB-1, a 1/3 –scale version of the 45-seat plane it expects to put in the skies by the early 2020s.The Prototype only has room for the pilot.

Dubbed Baby Boom, is built using most of the same principles and systems as Boom’s planned 165-foot, production plane, will start test flights in late 2017. Subsonic tests will take place in Colorado, near Boom Technology’s headquarters outside of Denver, while supersonic test flights will happen near Edwards Air Force Base in California.

Boom Unveils Supersonic “Baby Boom”, which put in the skies by early 2020s

Features of Baby Boom

Cruising at a speed of 1,451mph, the 40-seater aircraft is said to be 10% faster than Concorde and 2.6 times faster than current jetliners. Its vehicles will be able to travel from New York to London — normally a 7-hour flight — in just 3.5 hours, or LA to Sydney — typically a 15-hour trip — in 6 hours and 45 minutes.

Flights on the Boom are expected to cost $5,000 round-trip, which is expensive, but still cheaper than the $12,000 average round-trip cost of a flight on the Concorde. The price drop is a result of newer, lighter materials that have been developed since the Concorde was engineered.


The venture is a joint project between Sir Richard’s Virgin Galactic and Denver-based US firm Boom Technology.

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