Canada still committed to NATO despite President elect Donald Trump


Canada still committed to NATO, Sajjan says, after Trump’s campaign threats

Harjit sajjan, Defence Minister of Canada’s commitment to NATO remains unwavering after comments on the campaign trail from U.S. president-elect Donald Trump put the future of the military alliance into question.

Sajjan said he wants to reassure Canadian allies that the federal government will do its part to support the decades-old defence institution, which says continues to play a significant role in safeguarding global security.


Trump thinks presidency would not necessary for defence

Trump has said that under his presidency the United States wouldn’t necessarily come to the defence of a NATO ally under attack, which is one of the treaty’s cornerstone tenets. He has yet to clarify his position since winning Tuesday’s election.

Sajjan said Canada and the United States enjoy a close relationship, which he doesn’t expect to change under the new administration.


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