Canada military probes mysterious Arctic pinging noise


Canadian local people reported a strange pinging noise come from the sea floor in a remote region of the Arctic away over the past few months.

Canadian military has investigated a mysterious sound as military aircraft conducted various multi-sensor searches in the area. But they says it so far unable to explain the cause of the “acoustic anomalies”

Paul Quassa, an assemblyman in the Canadian territory of Nunavut, blames the noise – described variously as a pinging, hum or buzz – for driving away the animals in the Fury and Hecla Strait.


Residents have speculated about various theories for the sounds, including that a mining company may be conducting sonar surveys or that environmentalists may be using some kind of device to scare away animals so they can’t be hunted.

The Canadian military conducted an investigation into the various sightings but concluded strong currents or the wind could have caused the unusual waves reported by the officer and Inuit. At the time, the Canadian military said it could not find any evidence of foreign submarines operating in the area.


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