Carlsberg, probably the best new district in Copenhagen

A new hotel, once part of the famous brewery, is the latest addition to a neighbourhood with an industrial-chic feel and a sustainable ethos

The smell of fermented hops is long gone but the old Carlsberg brewery’s former storage building is buzzing in a way not seen in over a decade. That’s because the work cries of labourers have been replaced by the chatter of visitors checking in to the new 155-room Hotel Ottilia that now lies behind the building’s red-brick shell.

With a wink to the past and a nod to the future, Hotel Ottilia (doubles from £120 B&B), which opened in January, pairs unpolished architectural details, such as the remaining grain silos and malt chambers, against modern features that include a three-storey x-ray light sculpture, which stretches upwards from the lobby like a strand of DNA.

Sixty-four original golden shields still adorn the hotel’s facade in four rows, echoed on the rear by 64 new circular windows of the same size to the hotel bedrooms. The hotel’s suites are in the brewery’s Round Tower and have large turret windows. All rooms are linked via dark hallways with theatrical lighting.

The hotel’s name is a homage to Ottilia, the Scottish-born wife of Carlsberg brewer Carl Jacobsen, an art collector who had a thing for thistles – so there’s a thistle flower motif from the lounge bar all the way up to its rooftop restaurant. The former has a free daily wine hour, the latter serves the hotel’s all-organic breakfast.

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