David De Gea errors are playing a big part in Manchester United’s struggles and Chelsea have traded steel for aesthetic with Maurizio Sarri – THINGS WE LEARNED IN THE PREMIER LEAGUE

Last season, Dave saved. When Arsenal played Manchester United at the Emirates, David De Gea was a colossus, as important to the win as what happened at the other end of the pitch.

This season, something is amiss. Where in 2017-18, United only conceded 28 goals all campaign, they have already let in 25 since the start of this campaign. Judging by his error on Wednesday, De Gea is playing a part.

Whether it is the fact his head is elsewhere or just part of the wider malaise, the Spaniard no longer seems immune to the rest of the team’s struggles. That is a huge blow for a team who have relied on him at times over the years.

If the question still stands — if anyone is still wondering at all — whether this Manchester City side is better than last season’s record breakers, then the answer is a resounding yes.

In fact, a team of this type has not been seen in over 125 years. The last time a side had a goal difference better than City’s +38 after 15 games was Sunderland. That was back in 1892.

Their 2-1 win against Watford was not the most impressive they have posted this season but contained good signs. Leroy Sane scored his fifth in five games. Summer buy Riyad Mahrez struck. It is all coming together for Pep Guardiola. Again.

If Chelsea have gained something in the way of an aesthetic by hiring Maurizio Sarri, it seems as though they have lost some steel. That, admittedly, was already fading last season.

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