Diabetic, 30, claims she was ‘just days from death’ after her weight dropped to just 5st after cutting back on insulin in a desperate attempt to lose weight

A diabetic woman claims she was just ‘days from death’ after her weight plummeted to five stone (31.7kg) after restricting her insulin to lose weight.

Becky Rudkin, 30, battled diabulimia – an eating disorder which affects people with type 1 diabetes – for five years.

The sales assistant was hospitalised in 2013 after her insulin levels became so dangerously low that one side of her body had gone numb and she was struggling to breathe.

Ms Rudkin, of Aberdeen, Scotland, was allegedly told by doctors her body was close to shutting down, and kept her in hospital for six weeks.

After turning her life around, Ms Rudkin is now sharing her story to raise awareness.

It is estimated that 40 per cent of type 1 females aged 15—30 regularly omit insulin for weight control, according to the NHS.

Ms Rudkin said: ‘Battling an eating disorder is dangerous enough as it is but having diabetes as well can cause so many more issues.

‘I was left days from death after limiting my insulin to a point where my body couldn’t operate.’

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