Domino’s delivers its first pizza using a drone in New Zealand


Earlier in August, Domino’s announced that it had begun trials for a program to deliver pizzas using drones. It now made the world’s first commercial delivery of food by drone in New Zealand today.

Completing its first delivery with a peri-peri chicken pizza, and a chicken and cranberry pizza by drone to a customer in Whangaparaoa, 25km north of Auckland, at 11:19am, NZ time, Aerial Pizza Delivery Finally Become a Reality.

The first couple to receive the historic delivery was Emma and Johnny Norman, who got the delivery within 2 minutes.

Domino's delivers its first pizza using a drone in New Zealand

Start flirtey for select customers

The drone used a GPS navigation system that was controlled by a team of experts – including a certified drone pilot – supervising it like hawks.

In partnership with delivery startup Flirtey, the company has begun handling orders by drone for select customers in New Zealand.

The company didn’t announce any plans to bring drone delivery to the United States but Flirtey is working on it

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