Donald Trump’s Transition Team Reshaped


One week after scored an upset victory, Mr. Trump is already botching the transition, insiders say. He may not yet have nominated a single cabinet member or sent emissaries to the federal agencies or held a news conference as president elect.

After the surprising win his team was improvising the most basic traditions of assuming power. That included working without official State Department briefing materials in his first conversations with foreign leaders.

Vice-President-elect Mike Pence formally signed documents that put him in charge of the transition team, and officials insisted the 10-week effort to build an administration is on schedule.

Donald Trump’s Transition Team Reshaped

Pence orders removal of lobbyists from transition

Mr. Pence ordered the removal of all lobbyists from the transition team, said one transition team member with knowledge of the decisions.

Michigan Rep Mike Rogers, who once considered a candidate to lead the Central Intelligence Agency, was ousted from the Trump transition team’s national security unit. Matthew Freedman, who was leading the group’s planning for the White House Security Council, also departed.

Provide the Trump transition team

Mr. Rogers was told he was being replaced because everyone who was brought in by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, the transition team’s original chairman, was being ousted, according to a person familiar with the conversation. Frank Gaffney, a Reagan administration veteran, was brought in to assist on national security, as he GOP U.S. Reps.  Pete Hoekstra and Devin Nunes.


Mr.pence begun a process that has multiple additional steps. The Trump transition team must now provide the Obama administration with the “names of individuals they have authorized to represent the transition effort across the government,” Brandi Hoffine, a White House spokesperson said.

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