What Ebola, HIV and Zika REALLY look like: Artist and scientist’s fascinating watercolours of viruses are based on his own studies of what the pathogens look like under a microscope

An artist shows feared viruses such as Ebola in a completely new light, by painting them in incredible detail.

Professor David Goodsell also happens to be a structural biologist at Scripps Research in San Diego, California.

Using a little bit of imagination, he has been able to turn what he sees under the microscope into eye-catching watercolour features.

His work has been adored by many, appearing on the covers of scientific journals, educational posters and conference logos.

Professor Goodsell told Science Mag: ‘I’m a scientist first. I’m not making editorial images that are meant to sell magazines.

‘I want to somehow inform the scientists and armchair scientists what the state of knowledge is now and hopefully give them an intuitive sense of how these things really look – or may look.’

Professor Goodsell said his artistic impressions are just that – an idea of what the pathogens and other molecules could realistically look like.

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