Elora Murger and Simone Ormesher ‘stopped talking after their friendship was shattered by a love triangle’ before filming Bachelor In Paradise

They became BFFs after meeting on Matty J’s season of The Bachelor in 2017.

But Simone Ormesher and Elora Murger’s friendship ended as the result of an alleged love triangle, it has been claimed.

The reality TV stars, who are both appearing on Bachelor In Paradise, ‘stopped talking after they spent a few days together in Sydney,’ according to Woman’s Day.

The publication alleged that the feud developed over a mutual crush.

Simone and Elora are set to enter Bachelor In Paradise this week, and it is possible their rivalry will unfold on-screen.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Elora and Simone for comment.

While they appeared together on The Bachelor in 2017, Elora took to Instagram to pay tribute to their friendship.

Elora wrote in the caption: ‘People come and go but once in a while you meet certain people who you know are going to stay in your life forever.

‘The ones you could talk with for hours. The ones that you can laugh and cry with.

‘The ones that stick by your side believe in you and help you remember who you really are. ‘

Elora concluded: ‘You know, those once in a lifetime kind of people. The drop everything, call in the middle of the night, always there no matter what people.

‘These people are your tribe – love them fiercely… Thank you Simone, I love you.’

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