How embarrassing! Scott Morrison tries out his Chinese and says ‘ni hao’ to a voter who replies ‘I’m Korean’ in hilarious campaign trail gaffe

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has greeted a woman in Mandarin but was left red-faced after she told him she was Korean.

Mr Morrison made the gaffe as he campaigned in Strathfield in Sydney’s inner-west ahead of the Federal Election to be held on May 18.

He shook hands with a woman and said: ‘Hello, how are you? … Ni hao.’

‘No, no, no, I’m Korean. I’m from the Korean community,’ the woman politely replied.

Strathfield is a suburb with a large concentration of Koreans.

The Prime Minister was unaware he had visited a Korean restaurant where he greeted workers in the kitchen and helped make cakes.

Many users took to Twitter to express their outrage following Mr Morrison’s campaign trail gaffe.

‘To assume they are Chinese is racist and quite stupid,’ one user wrote.

‘He did not know the lady were [sic] Korean! He is an embarrassment to Australia,’ another wrote.

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