Experts warn deep fakes images of Earth could be used to trick military analysts into seeing objects that aren’t really there

The future of ‘deep fake’ technology could be much worse than doctored videos of celebrities and politicians.

U.S. military experts are raising concerns about a new variant of deep fakes, or videos that use AI to make subjects appear to say or do something they really didn’t, that could involve doctored satellite images of the Earth, according to Defense One.

It comes as social media giants, researchers and other experts have been working to outsmart deep fake videos.

In China, people are already using a kind of machine learning to fool computers into seeing objects in landscapes or satellite images that aren’t actually there, Defense One reported.

At scale, it could be used to confuse military analysts into making decisions based off of these fake images.

‘From a tactical perspective or mission planning, you train your forces to go to a certain route, toward a bridge, but it’s not there,’ Todd Myers, automation lead for the CIO-Technology Directorate at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, a division of the Department of Defense, told Defense One.

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