Football Corruption Scandal: Eight current and former Premier League Managers accused of taking transfer bungs

Genova - Processo Genoa - Pino Pagliara - nella cui automobile furono trovati 250.000 euro in contanti, dichiarò che erano un acconto per l' acquisto del giocatore Maldonado - il Genoa fu sanzionato e retrocesso in serie C

After Sam Allardyce left his post as England Manager by mutual agreement with the Football Association after one match and 67 days in charge, the shortest-reigning permanent England manager in history, claiming he offered advice on how to “get around” rules on player transfers. Now Eight Current and former Premier League manager’s stand accused of receiving “Bungs” for player transfers.

Football agents have been filmed by undercover reporters claiming the eight current or recent top-flight managers and two from Championship clubs have taken backhanders, with one agent saying that in football, “everything is under the table.”

Pino Pagliara, an unlicensed Italian agent banned from football for five years for match-fixing in 2005, was filmed alongside two other agents, naming managers, including five they claimed to have personally paid off.

Allardyce, 61, is also alleged to have used his role to negotiate a deal worth £400,000 to represent a Far East firm.

Later this week the Telegraph will also disclose the name of an assistant manager at a leading club who was filmed accepting a £5,000 cash payment from undercover reporters posing as representatives of a Far Eastern firm that wanted to invest in players.

The new information has left the Football Association facing its biggest crisis in recent years. It is having to deal with evidence that attempts to clean up the game have failed — while it also has to begin the search for a new England team manager.

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