Fortnite update coming TODAY: Epic Games reveal patch notes and no down time

Having seen some major server disruption this week, Epic Games have managed to bring the game back online.

And having solved those problems, the development team have confirmed that a new Fortnite update is being released today.

The lucky news is that the new patch will not require both Save the World and Battle Royale servers to go down.

This new update will not require maintenance, and aims at fixing some known problems.

While not adding any new content, the latest patch will probably prove very popular with fans.

It’s set to remove key issues from the game, including problems connected with the new replay system.

This was apparently causing Fortnite games to crash, and will be fixed when the new update is downloaded on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

It also fixes a bug which allowed players to glitch the game and fire a weapon before the equip animation completed when sprinting.

That creates an easy exploit for those who know it, especially following the change made to the system in an earlier update.

Epic Games have confirmed that their new patch will be released at around 9am, BST.

And as mentioned above, players shouldn’t experience as much disruption as in the last few days.

Save the World players will also see a long list of changes made to the mode, which is set to go free-to-play later this year.

Both modes will see a new option to bind the Building Edit hotkey to something other than G, which could prove popular.

Epic Games haven’t confirmed when Save the World will be going FTP, although a new development roadmap is expected to be announced by late April.

That should provide the latest news on what’s happening with the PvE experience.

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