Fortnite update DELAY: Epic Games confirms patch stall, as Mobile iOS release dominates

Fans have been preparing for a new patch to be launched tomorrow, March 14.This was predicted to contain a new C4 weapon, as well as a mysterious new supply drop.However, this new Fortnite update has now been delayed and will not be launching as first revealed by Epic Games.“We discovered an issue that will prevent us from releasing v3.3 tomorrow, March 14,” a Fortnite development message reads.“We’re working on solving that problem now and will update you once we know more.”It’s unclear just what might be causing the issues, although it does make it sounds like something big might be included.

The good news is that the Teams of 20 Fortnite Battle Royale mode will not be turning off tomorrow with the v3.3 update, as had been announced earlier today.The Supply Llamas are a new drop that will found around the map and will function like chests.Epic Games also confirmed that they would be removing Smoke Grenades in the next update, due to them not being used very often.Other notable bug fixed included in patch 3.3 will be quieter audio for weapons, as well as a glitch when placing and stairs.Fans of Save the World can also expect High Level Stat Caps improvements, not to mention Throwing Star fixes.Epic Games is also investigating problems with Time Played stats not being displayed.An issue with rifle headshots is also under investigation, as well as chests and drawers not opening during the early game.More could be revealed tomorrow on what is coming to the game this week, although Epic Games also have another very large project being worked on.

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