The futuristic Bubble Zen pod that uses acoustic technology to zap stress and lull you into deep relaxation in just 3 minutes

French startup Neural Up demonstrated its incredible relaxation technology in Las Vegas this week at CES.

The company uses its own patented acoustic technology developed by a team of neurophysiologists to ‘enhance your emotional balance.’

This can be done using headphones and a web based app, or by sitting inside the futuristic Bubble-Zen – where you’re closed off from the rest of the world as the soothing audio experience plays out.

Neural Up had one of its Bubble-Zen pods on display at CES, where attendees and members of the media were able to hop in and tune out for a few minutes in the middle of the hectic convention.

Out in the real world, the firm says Bubble-Zen could find its place in large offices or even airports.

The Bubble-Zen team didn’t disclose any specifics on the price, but said it could cost upwards of $15,000, depending on how many are needed for a given space.

The system relies on technology developed with neuroscience research in mind, co-founder Gil Borelli told at CES.

It combines sound and visual isolation to put you into a state of deep relaxation, Borelli explained.

According to Neural Up, the technology can help to dramatically reduce feelings of anger, fatigue, depression, confusion, and anxiety.

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