German retailer Aldi set to build 2,000 homes above its Berlin stores

Amid intense rivalry in the grocery business, Aldi Nord says it wants to put apartments above some of its supermarkets. Real estate in the German capital is at peak demand, amid high immigration and a lack of new homes.

One of Germany’s famous discount supermarket chains, Aldi Nord, said on Wednesday it plans to help tackle the housing crisis in the capital, Berlin, by building dozens of flats above 30 of its stores.

“This is our idea: an Aldi store on the ground floor and flats above it,” said a spokesman for the northern German division of the budget grocer.

Aldi Nord said the construction of 200 apartments is already underway at two branches in the city’s southern Neukölln district and Lichtenberg in the east. Firm plans have been submitted for a further 15 locations.

In total, some 2,000 flats will be built and rented to students and others needing affordable accommodation.

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