Germany risks having two parallel societies if it does not demand integration from migrants, expert warns

Germany will become two ‘parallel societies’ if it does not demand integration from migrants, an expert has warned.

Professor Horst Opaschowski said Germany had ‘become a country of immigration overnight’ and said the refugee issue was likely to occupy German society for the next 20 years.

Mr Opaschowski, who describes himself as a ‘futurologist’ and political consultant, said the refugees and migrants who have arrived in Germany in recent years were likely to remain there.

Writing in Bild, he said the German government had to do ‘everything possible’ to ensure integration.

He said he did not regard immigration as a bad thing in itself but called for more ‘honesty’ from political leaders.

The number of asylum applications, at more than 150,000 a year, was ‘as many as a whole city,’ the professor said.

He wrote: ‘Germany has become a country of immigrants in the middle of Europe overnight. Immigration will change Germany – but it’s not yet clear how.

‘But if the state doesn’t do everything possible to integrate migrants and demand integration from them, the project will fail.

‘There is a danger that two parallel societies will come about.’

Going on to write about poverty and standard of living, he called for a ‘vision’ for Germany equivalent to John F. Kennedy’s dream of landing on the Moon.

It has also emerged that only 35 per cent of migrants arriving in Germany are eligible for asylum.

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