Go Roman app explores Scottish history through visual reconstructions

Discover what life was like in a Roman fort on the Antonine Wall 2,000 years ago with a new app developed by the Centre for Digital Documentation and Visualisation (CDDV).

CDDV is a partnership between Historic Environment Scotland and the Glasgow School of Art, who hope that the Go Roman game will encourage young people to explore Scotland’s rich history.

The cutting-edge technology, which encompasses detailed archaeological research, motion capture and highly accurate 3D scanning, allows users to step back in time at the World Heritage Site, with an immersive experience of Bar Hill Fort and the surrounding area.

Life in Scotland 2,000 years ago

Lyn Wilson, Digital Documentation Manager for HES and Project Manager with the CDDV, said: The Go Roman game provides users with an interesting look at the Antonine Wall, combining digital and tactile elements to help visualise what it was like 2,000 years ago with help from Roman soldier Julius and slave Verecunda.

‘We want to encourage parents and educators to incorporate this type of interactive activity and virtual access into children’s learning. At HES we are always looking for new ways to engage and stimulate young people in exploring Scotland’s rich history. So it’s exciting for us to apply virtual reconstruction to bring to life key World Heritage Sites enriching our young people’s historical knowledge.

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