GPS Drives a Woman into the Canada’s Georgian Bay


Early this week, a 23-year-old Canadian woman followed the directions of her car’s GPS which led her straight into the Ontario bay.

According to Katrina Rubinstein-Gilbert, the Media and Community Safety Officer for the Bruce Peninsula Ontario Provincial Police, the woman was new in the area. She was driving in Tobermory and missed a right turn which led her straight into a boat launch. Gilbert added that the weather was dark and stormy on that Thursday night.

The red Toyota Yaris’s drove into the Georgian Bay and its momentum carried it past the shore before sinking below the surface. Fortunately, the woman was fast to react and swim to shore after she managed to roll down her window just before the car’s power cut out.


Rubinstein-Gilbert added that the woman managed to swim almost 100 feet to shore even though the water temperature was below 4.4°C. Since her cell phone was still inside the car, she had to walk to a local hotel to call for help.

According to an onlooker, Andrea Vincze, the boat ramp leading into the water could easily be mistaken for a street due to its wide exit. On Friday morning, Vincze’s husband Zsolt, a local diving instructor, assisted in towing the car which was currently not repairable.

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