Great-grandfather, 82, is one of the first in the UK to have an artificial ankle made from BULLETPROOF VESTS after enduring years of agony from his osteoarthritis

A great-grandfather who was barely able to walk due to his crippling osteoarthritis is one of the first in the UK to receive an artificial ankle made from the plastic fibres used in bulletproof vests.

Neil Shuttleworth’s problems began several years ago when he tore ligaments in his left ankle after stepping into a pothole on holiday in Cyprus.

The now 82-year-old’s agony became increasingly worse, forcing him to rely on painkillers every day.

Deciding enough was enough, the grandfather-of-seven, of Huddersfield, came across experts at Spire Leeds Hospital while doing research online.

After being diagnosed with severe primary osteoarthritis in his ankle, Mr Shuttleworth’s consultant told him about total ankle replacement surgery.

Due to it not being available on the NHS, Mr Shuttleworth spent his life savings on the £16,000 operation and went under the knife in January.

The operation has given Mr Shuttleworth ‘his life back’ and he was even able to achieve his dream of walking down the Promenade de la Croisette in Cannes eating ice cream with his wife of 34-years Christine.

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