Green Salads

The green salad is a timeless staple and is at home during any meal.  As a side for a decadent brunch, or the a main dish for lunch to an appetizer course for dinner.  These salads are delicious, simple and sure to please. From classic Caesar salad to a lemony Waldorf salad, here are Food &


Escarole Salad with Red Quinoa and Hazelnuts

Chef Marco Canora likes quinoa, a high-protein seed, because it mimics the satisfying texture and starchiness of a grain. He uses it in this crunchy and fresh winter salad.

Bitter Greens Salad with Asian Pears, Avocado and Tahini

Stuart Brioza’s colorful salad is a mix of flavors and textures: bitter, sweet, nutty, crispy, creamy. The delicious hot-sauce-spiked dressing pulls all of the ingredients together.

Mixed Greens with Poached Eggs, Hazelnuts and Spices

At L’Arcangelo restaurant in Rome, chef Arcangelo Dandini makes this simple salad with whichever wild greens happen to be in season at the moment.

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