Hamburg G20 riots: German police look to Spain, Italy to find perpetrators

German authorities plan to forward videos and photos of suspected Hamburg G20 rioters to their counterparts in southern Europe. Damages from the street battles between protesters and police could surpass €12 million.

Authorities in Hamburg are now looking to southern Europe for clues as to who was behind mass riots that inflicted damages on the city during the G20 summit last summer.

According to Hamburg Interior Minister Andy Grote, police have reason to believe that many of the leftist militants behind the violent protests came from Italy and Spain.

German authorities plan to seek help from their counterparts in those countries in the hopes of breaking “new ground,” Grote told the Hamburger Abendblatt.

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Thousands of demonstrators traveled to Hamburg last July to protest the G20 summit. Despite some 20,000 police officers deployed during the summit, groups of violent protesters rioted in the streets, looting businesses and setting fire to barricades.

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