Healthy Vegetarian Recipes

Roasted Squash and Mixed Sprouts Bowl

This outstanding, good-for-you vegetarian salad from L.A.’s Sqirl features an array of textures and flavors, from tender roasted squash to crunchy sprouts and creamy lebneh (Lebanese strained yogurt).

Vegetable Rainbow Salad

This salad from Grace Parisi brilliantly combines many exciting ingredients into one amazing recipe—pickled vegetables, uncommon produce, ancient grains and a cross-cultural dressing that includes miso and chipotle chile in adobo.

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Green Vegetables with Dukka and Tahini Dressing

The Egyptian spice blend dukka is a fantastic garnish for this delicious vegetable dish. Sprouted, or activated, almonds add healthy crunch.

Xie Xie’s Tofu Salad with Pickled Vegetables

Tangy pickled cabbage and spicy carrot kimchi are the key to Angelo Sosa’s tofu-topped green salad at New York City’s Xie Xie (shay-shay; “thank you” in Mandarin). They are supereasy to make, but for a great shortcut, use store-bought kimchi (a chile-flecked Korean pickle that’s often made with cabbage) in place of both.

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