Hiker spends six months trekking the 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail alone – and captures stunning images of its sublime beauty

Pristine mountain lakes, the soaring peaks of the Sierra Nevada and the majesty of the Mojave desert – welcome to the sublime beauty of the Pacific Crest Trail.

It’s a hiker’s paradise, as adventurer Tim Voors explains in a stunning new book, The Great Alone – Walking the Pacific Crest Trail.

Tim spent six months alone traversing the 2,650-mile trail, which stretches from southern California to the border of Canada, snapping stunning pictures of his epic journey along the way.

The Dutchman had to learn to navigate bear territory and plan his food supply – and carried everything he needed to survive in both blistering heat and freezing snow storms.

Tim said: ‘I wanted to experience what it meant to be self-reliant, to carry everything I needed on my back as I walked through the vast wilderness. Free to sleep under the stars, meet new people and walk alone with my thoughts.’

Scroll down to see some of the beautiful images that adorn the tome…

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