Holy cow! Scientists think they could have caught the first EVER picture of a black hole being born 200 million light years away as they name mystery space object ‘AT2018cow’

Astronomers believe they have caught the exact moment a black hole was born on camera for the first time.

Immensely powerful telescopes spotted the phenomenon occurring last summer, which was 100 times brighter than a supernova.

Researchers say the spectacular sight, which occurred 200 million light years away from Earth, was the birth of a new black hole or neutron star.

However, the scientists who spotted the moment in real time are currently mystified by what ‘the Cow’, as they have nicknamed it, really is.

Particles were found to be flying out of the ??? at a staggering 95 million feet per second – a tenth of the speed of light.

Researchers have given the mysterious object the moniker ‘the Cow’ as a shortened version of its much more complicated scientific name – AT2018cow.

A sky survey telescope in Hawai’i observed the mysteriously bright glow on June 17, 2018.

It was similar to a supernova, a sudden explosion of a massive star which has reached the end of its lifetime, leading to the formation of a black hole or neutron star.

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