How Building Resilience Could Save Your Relationship

As we approach a time of year when some eighty percent of people have fallen off the New Year’s resolutions bandwagon (the second week of February), according to U.S. News, it’s crucial to prepare for a time of conflict and challenge in order to reach your goals.

Resilience, a trait that allows us to muster up courage and strength to push through difficult times, is vital in many situations in life; money, relationships, sports, and family, to name a few.

And while some life phases may come and go, a life partner is chosen with the intentions of being beside you forever—through thick and thin.

So how do we build this important characteristic not only in ourselves individually, but in our relationships to grow as a unit?

I spoke with Jean Fitzpatrick, a relationship therapist in midtown Manhattan, to hear her thoughts and expertise on the who’s, what’s, where’s, when’s and why’s when it comes to relationships and resilience.

You can visit her website at (link is external) and read her interview below.

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