Humans are one step closer to receiving animal organs after baboon is given a pig’s heart and lives for six months in ‘landmark’ breakthrough

Pig hearts may soon be transplanted into terminally ill people to cure their life-threatening conditions.

The science fiction idea is now one step closer to reality since a landmark study proved it was possible to keep an animal alive with a heart from another species.

German researchers stunned the medical and scientific world by giving a baboon a pig’s heart and keeping the animal alive for 195 days.

Scientists have praised the research and called it a ‘landmark’ breakthrough.

The transplantation of a healthy heart from one animal into the body of another species is known as xenotransplantation.

It has long been heralded as a potential avenue to cure people suffering with life-limiting and life-threatening cardiac conditions.

Waiting lists for transplants from dead, or allogenic, donors is growing as life expectancy increases around the world.

Many chronic conditions result in death if a transplant is not successful.

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