Infamous Sydney ‘sign icon’ , 74, heard screaming for help as three police officers ‘pull his hands behind his back and order him away’ – after complaints his poster was OFFENSIVE

Sydney personality Danny Lim was confronted by police over a controversial sign on Friday morning, with many fans claiming officers were ‘rough’ and ‘aggressive’.

Mr Lim, who is 74, was holding a sign which included the phrase ‘smile c***’! why c***?, with the letter v used in place of a u, and an apostrophe used between the n and t.

About 9.20am, police issued the man with an infringement notice for offensive behaviour, but also appeared to take his sign and hold his hands behind his back.

Three officers were seen, two were holding the elderly man’s arms as he yelled: ‘please help, please, help’ to the crowd of onlookers and the third was seen appearing to pull out handcuffs.

A spokesman for NSW Police told Daily Mail Australia: ‘Officers spoke to a 74-year-old man and gave him a move-on direction’.

‘The man repeatedly refused to comply with the move-on direction and became aggressive towards police.

‘The man was then detained and issued a Criminal Infringement Notice for offensive behaviour and released a short time later.’

Footage taken of the altercation from a nearby office shows two officers push Mr Lim away from the area, as his screams of ‘no’ echo through the new development.

A third stops and appears to be getting Mr Lim’s pet dog, Smarty.

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