Gianni Infantino suggests 48-team World Cup with 16 groups of three


FIFA’s new president Gianni Infantino suggested that if world Cup expands to 48 countries that should be split into 3 team groups, having 16 persons in each group.

Infantino is all set to revamp the format of World Cup starting with the 2026 competition on the recommendations of members of the FIFA Council, which setting out four formats.

The Four New Formats

Out of four format, one is to hold a 32-team world cup split into 8 groups of four. Probably the competition expected to expand to 40 teams –either with eight groups of five teams, or 10 groups of four.

Infantino suggests four new format for World Cup

Infantino suggests four new format for World Cup

All qualifying nations would start out in 16 groups of three teams. Once those initial knockout games are over, a 32-team group stage could begin as normal.


So, if the new plan approved by FIFA council at the meeting, which is going to held next week, than  World Cup would expand to 48 nations from 2026.

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