Inside Norwegian’s £845 premium cabin from New York to London after flying out in economy and revelling in the VERY comfortable big seats (but the food was WORSE)

Bumping up from economy to business class on a flight can cost thousands of pounds but low-cost carrier Norwegian Air promises it can offer a little bit of luxury for a snip of the price with its premium service.

I compared the airline’s upgraded offering with its standard seating on a return lap from London to New York on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner recently.

A return flight in economy averages around £275 while premium comes in at £845. So just what do you get for your extra £550 or so?

To find out I first had to get the economy leg out of the way, which began at 5.05pm one Saturday night in Gatwick and ended eight hours later at JFK International Airport.

I swiftly settled into my seat, which pleasingly had little supportive wings, which aided comfort, but the pitch is only 30 to 31 inches, which is a bit on the cramped side, but I’m fairly small, so I didn’t mind.

However, I was made to feel a little claustrophobic by a couple sitting next to me, as they incessantly argued and then proceeded to get very drunk.

I was pretty surprised to find that they were newly-engaged (something which helped them snag a free bottle of cava from the delightfully jolly flight attendant) – so I guess all is fair in love and war.

Other plus points? The meal I’d pre-ordered for an extra £25 (this includes a main meal, snack bag, a glass of wine or beer and a hot beverage) was delicious and there was a nice concise movie selection that didn’t require an hour of decision-making.

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