Intel Tries Going Incognito with New Atom Chips


After supplying the brains for your PC, Intel wants to do the same for your next car with new members of its Atom Processor family.

Intel unveiled two new Atom processor lines: the E3900 series for connected devices and wearables along with the A3900 for smart auto apps.

The E900 chip series will have quad core processors running up to 2.5 ghz that will be able to manage graphics on three screens at once. The A3900 series, on the other hand, is dedicated to automotive experiences, from in-car infotainment to digital instrument clusters to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). That processor line won’t be available until Q1 2017.

The E3900s have more computing power than their predecessors (by 1.7 times), along with faster memory speeds and memory bandwidth. But they also have better graphics and vision: 3D graphics performance is 2.9 times higher than in the previous generation, and the new chips can render 4K Ultra HD video on as many as three independent displays, Intel says.


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