The iPhone Price Index


From the time Apple launched its first iPhone in 2007, the handset quickly established itself as the best and most premium phone available in the market. People ready to pay fancy price to get it.Each new iPhone has always been the best phone in the year it’s released

The iPhone is not exactly cheap in the United States, but if compare the prices that Apple fans have to pay in other parts of the world, than it looks pretty cheaper.

According to the latest issue of Deutsche Bank’s “Mapping the World’s Prices” report [PDF], the iPhone 7 costs $1,200 in Turkey, making it the most expensive place for Apple fans. Taking into account that Turkey’s GDP per capita ($9,317 according to the IMF) is less than one-sixth of that of the United States ($57,294) highlights how much of a luxury item Apple’s flagship phone really is for Turkish consumers.


While Apple has always been a producer of high-end devices, the iPhone’s price has recently become more of a problem with respect to the company’s overseas success. With dozens of Android devices available at a fraction of the iPhone’s price, even the appeal of the Apple brand may no longer be enough to win over emerging market customers.

Source:finews .ch

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