Jessica Rowe reveals Channel Ten’s eleventh hour deal for her to stay with Studio 10… after the show’s former executive producer claims they ‘wanted to sack her for a year’

She announced her decision to leave talk show Studio 10 on Friday morning.

And Jessica Rowe elaborated on her move in an interview with News Corp later in the day, revealing Channel 10 offered her a new deal prior to her resignation.

The 47-year-old spoke out amid allegations from the show’s former executive producer, Rob McKnight, that the network had ‘wanted to sack her for a year’.

‘Ten have been really supportive of me and my need to step back. Even as late as last week, they gave me a new proposal with reduced hours,’ she told the website.

‘Ultimately, after discussing it again with the family, I decided that [my daughters] Allegra and Giselle came first at this time,’ she continued.

‘Simple as that. I’ve had incredible support from people right across the TV industry today, and that means the world to me,’ she added.

The mother of two told viewers on Friday she had decided to leave Studio 10 in order to spend more time with her family.

‘It’s been a very hard thing for me to do, but it’s because my family need me. I want to be more present, I want to be a more present mum for my girls, Allegra and Giselle. They need their mum,’ she expressed.

Shortly after the star’s announcement, the show’s former executive producer, Rob McKnight, tweeted the network had been ‘planning to sack her for over a year’.

He wrote: ‘Sad to hear @JessRowe is leaving Studio10au. @channelten have been planning to sack her for over a year. She blamed me, even though I was trying to save her job.’

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